Configure German Spamassassin Update Channel in Ubuntu

Spamassassin already ships with the nice feature of running automatic updates to its core rules by using sa-update. Customisation of this update process is not well documented though. So it will be described in this article.

At quite some additional channels are listed. As an example the configuration of the German Language Ruleset will be outlined.

The Spamassassin Channel is documented on that website and says:

Available at: SpamAssassin Channel:

In your local Spamassassin's setup the update rules reside at /var/lib/spamassassin/{SA_VERSION_NUMBER}. There, you may want to add the new channel definition by introducing the according gpg-key as follows:

sa-update --import GPG.KEY

Now, a manual channel update for that particular channel can be run:

sa-update --channel  --gpgkey 856AA88A

In order to have the cron-triggered nightly sa-update-run also update the new channel, a hook for sa-update has to be defined in /etc/spamassassin/sa-update-hooks.d/. There, create a file called german-rules-updates with the following content:

sa-update --channel  --gpgkey 856AA88A

The German rules should now be updated each day and become active thereafter.

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