Monthly Archives: May 2019

Adding bootstrap to Synology DSM

In package center > settings:

  • add to package sources
  • Allow installation of packages published by Synology Inc. and trusted publishers

Install in this order:

  1. Perl in Developer Tools
  2. Easy Bootstrap Installer in Community (choose entware as optware doesn’t have any recent updates)
  3. iPKGui in Community

Packages will be installed to /opt.

Command-line tool is opkg.

opkg list-installed
opkg list *gcc*

Source /opt/etc/profile at the end of the ~/.profile file for each user that needs
to use packages installed by ipkg.

Enable SMTP for PHP on Ubuntu

Many php-based web application are using php's smtp function. Unfortunately, Ubuntu's php default setup disregards the installation of packages necessary for using smtp. The following command line takes care of their installation:

aptitude install php-net-smtp