Move Cacti data from one platform to another one

In order to migrate Cacti's rrd-tool data from one system to a different one, that data has to be converted to XML-format first. That is also true if you move from x86 to a x86_64.

To to so, first convert all rrd-data in /var/lib/cacti/rrd to XML using the following line in that folder:

for i in find -name "*.rrd"; do rrdtool dump $i > $i.xml; done

Now pack up the resulting XML-files:

tar czf cacti-xml.tar.gz /var/lib/cacti/rrd/*xml

Move the tar.gz-container to the new system and unpack its files in the same directory using:

tar xzf cacti-xml.tar.gz

The re-conversion of those XML-files into rrd format is done using this line:

for i in find -name "*.xml"; do rrdtool restore $i echo $i |sed s/.xml//g; done 
  1. How can I convert all the *.rrd files which are under /var/lib/cacti/rra/host_id/local_data_id?

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