FlexGet Installation in Ubuntu

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This post is deprecated. Please go to http://www.grosseosterhues.com/2012/02/flexget-installation-and-upgrade/ for more recent information.

This posts documents the installation of FlexGet in Ubuntu. It uses FlexGet v1.0r2301 and by the time of writing it is tested on Ubuntu 11.04.

There is no apt-package for FlexGet available yet. It has to be installed from PyPI. In order to prepare the necessary build environment the following packages have to be installed:

aptitude install python2.6 python-setuptools

The next line downloads and builds FlexGet itself:

easy_install flexget

The following step is optional. In case an interface to transmission-daemon is of use, the according FlexGet-plugin is installed like this:

easy_install transmissionrpc

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