Setup of Roundcube Webmail 0.5.x on Ubuntu 10.10


[Sieve]: Sieve: filtering language
[Openmailadmin]: IMAP management frontend
[IMAP Idle]: Immediate notification of users about any mailbox changes
[IMAP]: IMAP: Internet message access protocol
[Roundcube]: Roundcube: browser-based IMAP client
[SASL]: Simple Authentication and Security Layer
*[MTA]: Mail Transfer Agent

This is a follow-up article on the previous post on how to Migrate IMAP Accounts from one Server to another.

Roundcube is a very decent browser-based IMAP client with an application-like UI.

Retrieving Roundcube package

As Roundcube is under heavy development, the Ubuntu packages are quickly outdated. Therefore, we download the most recent package from the Roundcube project page

Download the linked tar.gz-archive into /var/www:

cd /var/www && wget {copied_download_link}
tar xzf {downloaded_file}.tar.gz && mv roundcubemail-0.5.1 roundcubemail

Creating necessary SQL tables

The next step is to create the SQL tables. Do is as follows:

cd /var/www/roundcubemail
mysql -u root -p # enter MySQL's root-user password 
  CREATE DATABASE roundcubemail /*!40101 CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci */;
  GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON roundcubemail.* TO roundcube@localhost \
  IDENTIFIED BY '{choose_your_password}';
mysql -u root -p roundcubemail < SQL/mysql.initial.sql

Adjusting Roundcube config-files

Now, the Roundcube configuration needs to know about the whereabouts of its database. Therefore, edit the according file config/ First create a local copy of the dist file:

cd /var/www/roundcubemail
cp config/ config/

Replace "pass" with Roundcube's database password in the following line:

$rcmail_config['db_dsnw'] = 'mysql://roundcube:pass@localhost/roundcubemail';

Now, create the second relevant configuration file,

cp config/ config/

To use Roundcube for your locally installed server, enter localhost in the following line:

$rcmail_config['default_host'] = '';

There are loads of other configuration options in, giving the possibility to tweak the very last bit of Roundcube. You might want to read the according comments in the config file which describe them in detail.

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