Setup of Sun Grid Engine

Sun Grid Engine facilitates computing in distributed computer networks. Its setup is just documented here. Its not nearly complete though.

Setup log

Enter the database directory
or hit  to use default [/usr/local/sge-root/default/spooldb] >>
# ------------------
We can install the startup script that will
start berkeleydb at machine boot (y/n) [y] >> 

cp /usr/local/sge-root/default/common/sgebdb /etc/init.d/sgebdb
/usr/sbin/update-rc.d sgebdb
# ------------------
Please give the basic configuration parameters of your Grid Engine


The pathname of the spool directory of the execution hosts. User >sge<
must have the right to create this directory and to write into it.

Default: [/usr/local/sge-root/default/spool] >>
# ------------------
You should now enter the command:

   source /usr/local/sge-root/default/common/settings.csh

if you are a csh/tcsh user or

   # . /usr/local/sge-root/default/common/
# ------------------
Please now login to all hosts where you want to run an execution daemon
and start the execution host installation procedure.

If you want to run an execution daemon on this host, please do not forget
to make the execution host installation in this host as well.

All execution hosts must be administrative hosts during the installation.
All hosts which you added to the list of administrative hosts during this
installation procedure can now be installed.

You may verify your administrative hosts with the command

   # qconf -sh

and you may add new administrative hosts with the command

   # qconf -ah 
# ------------------
# Editieren globaler Variablen
qconf -mconf global

Known errors and fixes

To fix

/usr/local/sge-root/util/arch: line 256: [: too many arguments

insert in line 247


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