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Update: FlexGet Installation and Upgrade in Ubuntu

*[PyPI]: Python Package Index

This is an update to [my previous article]( on how to set up FlexGet in Ubuntu. In this post, [FlexGet]( v.1.0r2733 will be used on Ubuntu 11.10.

The reason for this new post is that the install and update processes have changed from using `easy_install` to `pip`, an alternative Python package installer. Both installation as also upgrading can be done with this tool.

Still, there have to be certain packages around:

aptitude install python2.6 python-setuptools python-pip

Now, the installation can easily take place:

pip install flexget

In case of an upgrade, the according line would be:

pip install --upgrade flexget

The following step is optional. In case an interface to transmission-daemon is of use, the according FlexGet-plugin is installed like this:

pip install transmissionrpc